Depixellation of Glass Mosaics

24th April 2021

Spending much too much time in in front of my screen, I am trying to move some of my activity out into the physical world. This project is part of a testing process using the original pixels, mosaics, a material with a history going at least 4.000 years back. In my proof-of-concept process to test […]

Commisioned Portraits

»Billederne er en moderne digital version af den franske impressionisme«

2nd April 2021

“Esther” og “Silas”. 2021 Fra portrætserie “95% sikker ansigtsgenkendelse”. Gallerist Martin Asbæk viser de fem ting fra hjemmet i Charlottenlund, han ville redde hvis huset brændte BERLINGSKE TIDENDE Søndag d. 19. maj 2019, kl. 17.30 SINE GERSTENBERG »Billederne er en moderne digital version af den franske impressionisme. De må ikke gå op i røg« Gallerist […]


Digital Water Lillies

24th September 2020

Digital Water Lilies A series of pixellated screens using the same technology and priciples behind the facial recognition, but here applied to images of nature. The portraits are heavily pixellated, but through the algorithm still have a connection to the natural world, strong enough to make an actual identification of an individual. The same would […]

2020 data cattle press

Data Cattle

11th January 2020

Disruption is the rallying cry of new tech, and as Facial Recognition and analysis are developing at breakneck speed creating a legislative vacuüm, disruption may soon be the effect we encounter any time we show our faces. Automatic recognition of salmon and cows optimizes production, but is it OK to use it in our health […]

cut and compress backside

På dit glatte ansigt

7th November 2019

“Er du tvivl om dine behov. Hvad skal du købe, og hvor. Hvad mener du egentlig. Hvem skal du stemme på hvis overhovedet og ved du egentlig hvem du selv er? Bare tag det roligt. Det er der andre der har tjek på hvis du husker at bruge dine digitale skærme jævnligt. Billedkunstner Niels Bonde […]

Stretching space

14th April 2019

Live video pixellation. A sketch for an interactive public artwork stretching or squeezing two-dimensional space over time. The sketch demonstrates the softwares abilities. Physical and technical solutions for the permanent installation in a pedestrian tunnel are pending.


95% Sure Facial Recognition and other works.

5th October 2018

“Since 1992 Niels Bonde has worked with the theme of surveillance through his art, which ranges wide over sculpture, painting, textile, video, installation and classic as well as new digital media. Three decades ago very few people would have considered surveillance a central factor in their everyday life. In 2018 it has become an inevitable […]


Facial Recognition

30th April 2018

BOTSCHAFT. Adress: Uferhallen, Uferstraße 8. 13357 Berlin, Germany. OPENING: Friday May 25. from 18:00 to 22:00. Opening times:  Mo-Fr 9:00-15:00. And by appointment. Surveillance. From 1992 I have been addressing the topic in installations and objects, but as the use of computers and cameras have become ubiquitous today, data collection is no science fiction or paranoid delusion. […]

error 669

Error 669

15th August 2017

Multitasking Death Spiral

25th May 2017

Multitasking has been found to increase the production of the stress hormone cortisol as well as the fight-or-flight hormone adrenaline, which can overstimulate your brain and cause mental fog or scrambled thinking. Multitasking creates a dopamine-addiction feedback loop, effectively rewarding the brain for losing focus and for constantly searching for external stimulation. To make matters […]


404 Not Found – Market

17th February 2017

Internettet er i dag blevet en markedsplads, hvilket konkret og en smule nostalgisk manifesterer sig i installationen Market, som er Artnodes egen netbutik og lager. Varer og genstande, der har indgået eller indgår i internettets fortid og nutid, ankommer fra en af de mange e-commerce butikker, der er i verden. Hos Market indkøbes der objekter, […]


404 Not Found – Museum

17th February 2017

Museum – værket 100 tegninger blev oprindeligt til som en feberredning, da Artnode til sin store overraskelse opdagede, at der ikke var internetopkobling på Charlottenborgs Efterårsudstillingen i 1998. Da det ikke var muligt at vise det planlagte internetbaserede projekt, besluttede Artnode sig for at håndtegne hele hjemmesiden på papir. Det blev til værket 100 tegninger. […]


404 Not Found – File Room

17th February 2017

File room. I 1990erne var Artnodes centrale aktivitet websitet Her præsenterede Artnode egne projekter samt bidrag fra mere end 100 danske og internationale kunstnere. Værkerne vekslede fra fotos og tekster til lydværker, videoer og små interaktive programmer. Alle værker lå – og ligger stadig, tilgængelige som digitale filer på websitets server. Artnode har udvalgt […]


404 Not Found

10th February 2017

404 Not Found med kunstnergruppen Artnode bestående af Jacob Lillemose, Nikolaj Recke, Mogens Jacobsen, Martin Pingel, Niels Bonde, Kim Borreby og Morten Schjødt på Den Frie Udstillingsbygning. Fra pressemeddelelsen: “Artnode opstod ud fra en fælles begejstring for internettets nye muligheder for at udvide det æstetiske felt, både formelt, institutionelt og socialt. Siden deres første aktiviteter […]

The Garden

22nd August 2016

The Garden LED object, 184,5 x 283 cm, animation 10 min looped. Contemplations on the course of the Earth, during a walk through the lush garden of the (former Benedictine) San Cataldo monastery overlooking the city of Scala and the gorgeous Amalfi bay in southern Italy. The garden is one of humankinds  first manifestations of […]


Sixth Extinction

20th May 2016

Video 6:01 min. 2016. The work is touching on the topic of the problematic trophy hunting and by extension the all too rapid man-driven extinction of the earths mammals, fish, reptiles and insects. The core of the video is a slow pan over the hundreds of hunting trophies adorning the iconic Zebra Inn in Maboneng, […]

Skærmbillede 2017-11-25 kl. 19.10.19 (2)

Reality Percieved

11th March 2016

Installation view: Reality Percieved (group show) Gallery Egelund, 2016. Despite consciousness is possibly the most universal in human existence, a topic which has also been subjected to scrutiny in philosophy as well as in science since the dawn of time. There is still no general consensus regarding the nature of consciousness or its activities. There […]


The Truman Show Delusion

25th February 2016

Toilet (2015) Scale model (1:20) 20 x 20 x 30 cm. Niels Bonde är en av Danmarks främsta pionjärer inom digital konst. Hans agenda är politisk och aktivistisk. I takt med att vår gemensamma användning av sociala medier ökar explosionsartat blir vi också mer och mer desillusionerade till att tro att vi är stjärnor i en ”reality […]


Drones around Hollywood

5th August 2015

LED installation 240 x 16 cm, Animation 7:21 min. 2015. Even the most important events in our lives are no longer seen with the naked eye, they are now seen through our tv-, computer- and smart phone-screens. The series of works that Drones Around Hollywood is part of, adresses this phenomena directly, as they are only […]

Asbæk lounge Niels

Summer in the City

25th July 2015

Work in progress
Tin Foil Helmet5

“Strange how paranoia can link up with reality now and then”

26th September 2014

Quote from Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly. The tin foil helmet is the last defence of the paranoid schizophrenics, wrapping their heads in foil as protection against evil radiowaves and wireless control. Each helmet have been named after the NSA spy programmes each made for specific purposes, one to log your google search history, one […]

Peter Emil's Room wide

Peter Emil’s Room

26th September 2014

Installation view – left: Tin Foil Helmet, podium Installation view – middle: Peter Emil’s Room, door spy hole, scale model 25 x 25 x 20 cm “Kids/youth room. My old room from around my communion. A room where the radiator was a recorder. Every time it made a squeaky sound/ the squeaky sound was that […]


Tin Foil Helmet

26th September 2014


17th September 2013

Ourobouros. LED object 2 x 2 m, 6 min 25 sec.  


1.7 Billion Views

14th September 2013


Krig, kunst og Danmark

7th March 2013


45 million views

2nd February 2013

Niels Bonde 2012
tin foil hat

Die Leidenschaften

7th March 2012

Tin Foil Helmet, 2012. DHMD – Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden Begleitbuch DIE LEIDENSCHAFTEN – ein Drama in fünf Akten Antrieb oder Störenfried?
Die Ambivalenz der Leidenschaften von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart Wissenschaftler aller Disziplinen haben in den letzten Jahren versucht, dem Wesen der menschlichen Gefühle und ihrer gesellschaftlichen Relevanz auf den Grund zu gehen. […]


Reductio ad Hitlerum

11th July 2011

Understanding animals as a sideeffect of YouTube and social media. Since 2005 YouTube has given us Keyboard Cat, Skateboarding Dog, and Christian the Lion which have been the most shared, viewed and loved video material on the net. Obviously Temple Grandin and Jane Goodall will not learn anything from this, but for people whose main […]

ericsson monument

Monument Valley/Jaegerspris Revisited/a homage to Johannes Wiedewelt

7th March 2011

Lars Magnus Ericsson (1846 – 1926) founder of Ericsson and early advocate of mobile phones.

I am 14 years old and love swimming


7th March 2011

I am 14 years Old and Love Swimming, 2009 Oil on canvas 126 x 160 cm. The range of the participating artists goes from the Dane Niels Bonde, who reflects the border between virtual and physical identity and physicalness.

cho's trip to the post office

Paris, Adolf, Britney & Cho

7th March 2010

This work explores how the meaning and interpretation of images has changed considerably the last 20 years, caused by the radical change of two factors: production with ubiquitous cameras and distribution via internet, mms, twitter etc. And how the dramatic change of these two factors, has affected the hierachy of human expression and communication forms. The […]


False Recognition

7th March 2010

Blurry architecture

Emergency Room

7th March 2009

Blurry Architecture, 2011. (The building is the Vietnamese parliament, and the work was passed by the censors).

happy slapping 4 youtube


7th March 2009

Anmeldelse af Camilla Jalving:


Ystad Konstmuseum

7th March 2009

”Attention!” by Niels Bonde Interview with curator at Horsens Art Museum Lone Schubert In the exhibition ”Attention!” you are exploring the quest for fame and fame as an end in itself – an end that justifies any means – and about mass medias role in this. Can you elaborate on that? Yes, the lust for […]

Artnode publications →

25th October 2008

Invisible / Invincible

15th September 2007


B0087P 0002

Unknown Unknowns

7th March 2007

Heidelberger Kunstverein

7th March 2007

 Download Heft zur Ausstellung (pdf)


Bad Days

7th March 2006

Catalogue for the exhibition: Bad Days “There’s not a problem that I can’t fix, ‘cause I can do it in the mix.” – Indeep, “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” (1982) “Contemporary art thus presents itself as an alternative editing table that shakes up social forms, reorganizes them, and inserts them in original scenarios. The […]

Souvenir - Bazaar


7th March 2006

Helden Heute - Shoul#14DF40

Helden Heute

7th March 2005  


Munch Revisited

1st March 2005

Made in Berlin

1st March 2004

curator Zdenek Felix, ART FORUM BERLIN  special exhibition


1st March 2004 Shutters features work from the 1970s to the present emphasizing the act of watching to investigate personal and detached experiences of domestic spaces. Artists: Niels Bonde, Nancy Buchanan, Sophie Calle, Gordon Matta-Clark, Sarah McEneaney, Courtney Grim, James Johnson, Joel Ross, and Shizuka Yokomizo.

European Media Art Festival OsnabrŸck 2004


1st March 2004


That’s Entertainment

1st March 2004

That’s Entertainment



1st March 2004

“Painting: The art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic” Light show on Copenhagen town square and in the main hall of “Politiken”  May 2004. Quotes on art and painting by Ambrose Bierce, C.G. Jung, Guy Debord og Sigmund Freud et. al.  

Lost in Tomorrow

1st March 2003

An Art Lovers Home Centro Cultural Andraitx Spain 2003 Installation views of carpet and wall installation. Together, a series of 3 carpets comprise the mapping of a selfproclaimed “Art Lovers” home. The carpets is a critical comment on art as a commodity, a commodity that gives the owner a particular status, as well as expensive […]



1st March 2003


Nostalgic Real

1st March 2003

hell(o) (t)here

1st March 2003

Land of Milch and Honey Voges und Partner Frankfurt am Main Germany 2003 Installation views of carpets and wall installations. Through a meticoulous mapping of rooms, with all thats in them, everyday life is transformed to topographic maps, and suggesting there is some kind of underlying principle thats about to be revealed. As a game […]



1st March 2002

04Map - ClaassenSchmal

The Map

1st March 2002

03Ferniseringen 1 - Herning

Socle du Monde

1st March 2002

Flowcharts and Diagrams →

25th October 2001

In 1999 The Danish Arts Foundation, the public art commission (Statens Kunstfond, Udsmykningsudvalget) organized a curated commission to investigate internet art – Stedet 3. However the Danish Arts Foundation were very shortsighted, and closed the site in 2001, thinking that the internet was a fluke. Here is my contribution:

17 I never ZKM

CTRL- space

13th October 2001

05aBubba the lovesponge 1 - DCA

Bubba the Lovesponge

18th September 2001


Come On Feel the Noise

1st March 2001

xyzetc copy

Adding dimensions

1st March 2001

Adhesive tape, 4 x 8 x 8 m Museo de Arte Contemporanea, Fortalesa, Brazil Courtesy the artist In addition to the normal spatial dimensions X, Y and Z, I have added three new dimensions Æ, Ø and Å as a homage to Herbert Bayer, the former head of Bauhaus. Bayer developed a theory about installation described and visualised […]

Take-off 20:01

1st March 2001


21usersclub 1- SMK

Users Club

1st March 2001

MetaFuckPage →

18th October 2000

Web project from 2000 commissioned by the Danish Art Foundation, exhibited online and at a group show “Grønningen”. As a consequence of the fast development of file formats, parts of the programming in this project is now obsolete.

17I never 2 - Hartware


1st March 2000

A Good Cast is Worth Repeating

1st March 2000

Group show with gallery artists Voges + Deisen Frankfurt.

10After Valery 1 - Voges

N + S

1st March 2000


7th Havana Biennial

1st March 2000


05Big Brother 1.1 - Buenos aires

Big Brother Blueprint

1st March 2000

06Cph-Ffm-Sant 3
11Skrik-tyveri 2 - Trapholt


1st March 2000


High Density 1 →

1st March 2000

High Density is the first of Artnodes investigations of interaction versus art in the digital media. This investigation concentrates on the function of the search engine and the conditions of navigating on the internet. The search engine is the catalyst in a game between the empty work and the work full of content.

12Wet Dream - Koenig


1st March 1999

12Niels Bonde - Koenig


1st March 1999


Through a Lens Darkly

1st March 1999

Imacon Color Scanner

100 Drawings

1st March 1999


Soft Machine

1st March 1998

Soft Machine: Design in the Cyborg age; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. 28.11.1998-10.1.1999 Curator Marie O’Mahony

18Secret Stories - Malmö Konstmuseum

Secret Stories

1st March 1998



1st March 1998

Interactive tragedy

An Interactive Tragedy

31st December 1997

“Maktutövning i de moderna samhällena vilar i mycket liten grad på tvång och fysiskt våld. Bara för ett par årtionden sedan ansågs det viktigt att ge akt på formella ritualer i umgänget mellan människor. Elever var tvungna att stå upp när de talade med sina lärare; stor vikt lades vid exercitsmomenten i det militära; titlar, […]

17I never 2 - MIT

The Art of Detection: Surveillance in Society

1st March 1997 MIT List Visual Arts Center. Curated by Jennifer Riddell.

17I never 1 - Rare

Geben und Nehmen

1st March 1996

Ausstellende: Bitter-Weber, Bigert-Bergstroem, Niels Bonde, Tim Head, Kunstlabor, Katrin von Maltzahn, Mathilde MuPe, Daniela Plewe, Pokorny-Miler, Heidi Specker Kuratoren: Armin Medosch 
und Barbara Thumm

15Conversation 1.1

The Conversation

1st March 1996

Niels Bonde 1995

Input = Output

5th July 1995

Flow of Reaction

1st March 1995

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, curated by Barbara Claassen-Schmal.    


1st March 1995

Casino Luxembourg. Group show curated by Armin Medosch.


1st March 1995

Curated by Juha van Ingen and Mikko Maasalo KIASMA, The Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki.

17I never - voges
2 recovered install 1

Recovered Files

20th September 1994

Interview still

Recovered Files Interview 1994

20th September 1994

market kunstforeningen 2+3