Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Santiago Chile

By nielsbonde, 1st March 2000

Frankfurt – Copenhagen- Santiago
Installation view: eyegoblack, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago Chile, 2000
Folio, drawings, tape 20 x 26 meters.
A diagram of my personal planner notes leading up to the making of this installation. It has information ranging from the mundane and trivial bits about everyday life and physical movements. Over the actions he has made leading to the making the artpiece and finally the inspirations deriving from art and philosophy – which then is quoted in parts as text. The flowchart is organized in levels and sizes where things get smaller and more condensed the more important they are, so the user has to get closer in order to grasp the full meaning. A point of reference of the installation is a website with image files, texts and links.
06Cph-Ffm-Sant 5
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