Niels Bonde

(Glostrup, Denmark 1961 – )
Niels Bonde is a pioneer of digital art in Denmark, working with new media – video, installation and digital media, as well as old media – drawing, painting, sculpture and rugs. His works explore the spheres of memory and the registration of people and objects. And what electronic and in particular digital media means to our culture and shapes us and our behavior. Especially in regards to control, surveillance, voyeurism, exhibitionism and paranoia, and how these topics have become core elements in our society rather than kinky fringe phenomenas. The ideas come together in theories on images as currency, describing how they have become increasingly dominant in post-internet and -smartphone communication and what this new role means. And how the screen has become a defining reference in our understanding of the world.

Through the 1990’s, he has distinguished himself as an installation artist in museums and galleries counting Statens Museum for Kunst [DK], MIT List Visual Arts Center, ZKM Karlsruhe, Stedelijk Museum, PS1 MoMa New York, Pinacoteca do Estato de Sao Paolo, Heart [DK], ARoS [DK], Academy of Fine Arts Hanoi Vietnam, Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius Lithuania, Malmö Kunstmuseum and Deutsche Hygiene Museum Dresden. Studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen and at Institut für Neue Medien at Städelschule Frankfurt. He has taught at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts [DK], Malmö Art Academy Sweden and at Kunsthøjskolen in Holbæk Denmark.
Niels Bonde lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark and Borrby, Sweden.



1981 – 83 The Royal Danish Art Academy, School of Architecture, Copenhagen

1988 – 94 The Royal Danish Art Academy, School of Visual Arts, Copenhagen

1993 – 95 Städelschule, Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt am Main


1997 – 98 Art Director Visionik

1997 – 99 Visiting Professor, The Royal Danish Art Academy

1997 – 99 Visiting Professor, Designskolen Kolding

1997 – 99 Visiting Professor, Malmö Art Academy

1999 – 05 Assistant Professor, Malmö Art Academy

2010 –     Associate Professor, Kunsthøjskolen Holbæk

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS, solo (s), Artnode (A) and public art (PA):
2017 Artnode @ Den Frie Copenhagen Denmark (s)

2016 ”The Truman Show Delusion” Elisabeth Fagerstedt Gallery Stockholm Sweden (s)
”Percieved Realities” Galleri Egelund Copenhagen Denmark
X-Beyond Copenhagen Denmark

2015 ”Security In Society: What Remains Of Our Personal Freedoms”, Art Souterrain Montreal Canada
”Wow!” International Summer Festival Kampnagel Hamburg Deutschland
”Par i konst” Vargåkra Simrishamn

2014 ”Tin Foil Helmet” Martin Asbæk Gallery Copenhagen Denmark
”Assemble” (with Artnode) Alt_Cph Copenhagen
”Summer in the City” Martin Asbæk Gallery Copenhagen Denmark

2013 ”Zeigen – an audiotour through Copenhagen” by Karin Sander. Nikolaj Kunsthal Copenhagen
”Video” Martin Asbæk Gallery Copenhagen Denmark
”Krig, kunst og Danmark” Holstebro Museum Denmark

2012 “The Passions” Deutsche Hygiene Museum Dresden Germany

“Summer in the City”, Martin Asbæk Gallery Copenhagen Denmark

”Secrets of the Magnetic Stripe” (PA) Experimentarium Hellerup Denmark (s)

2011 “Fettsalon” Salon Neucologne Berlin
“Monument Valley (Jaegerspris Revisited)” UFO Presents Berlin “Summer in the City”, Martin Asbæk Gallery Copenhagen Denmark

2010 “Paris, Adolf, Britney & Cho” Martin Asbæk Gallery Denmark (s) “False Recognition” Painting Trinnial, Vilnius, Lithuania ”Source/Resource” Wilde Gallery Berlin
“On Paper” Stalke Gallery Denmark

“Factories, Plants” E. K. Artbureau Moscow
“Summer in the City”, Martin Asbæk Gallery Copenhagen Denmark

2009 “Attention!” Horsens Kunstmuseum Denmark (s) Ystad Kunstmuseum Sweden (s)

“…und jetzt …”, Deutsche Künstlerbund Projektraum Berlin Germany “Emergency Room”, The Academy of Fine Arts Hanoi Vietnam “Summer in the City”, Martin Asbæk Gallery Copenhagen Denmark

2008 We Love People/Asbæk Copenhagen Denmark (s)
“Sample #1”, Deutsche Künstlerbund Projektraum Berlin Germany “Summer in the City”, Martin Asbæk Gallery Copenhagen Denmark

2007 “Unknown Unknowns”, Dogenhaus Leipzig Germany (s) Heidelberger Kunstverein Germany (s)
“Invisicible Invincible”, Curators Without Borders Berlin Germany “Emergency Room”, PS1 MOMA New York USA

GalleriBOX, Akureyri Iceland
“The Perfect Real”, CCA Glasgow Scotland
“X”, Galerie für Gegenwartskunst Bremen Germany

2006 “Bad Days”, Galerie Asbæk Copenhagen Denmark (s)
“Souvenir”, Malmö Konstmuseum Sweden (s)
“Bandits Mages”, Bourges France
“Artist Migration”, Heidelberger Kunstverein Germany
“ – was fehlt?” Deutsche Künstlerbund Projektraum Berlin Germany ”Socle du Monde Revisited” Herning K Denmark

2005 “Heroes a Jamais”, Centre Pasquart Faubourg Switzerland “Baltic Raw”, Hafencity Hamburg Germany
“Munch Revisited”, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter Oslo Norway “Nágrannar”, Ystad Konstmuseum Sweden

2004 “Painting”, Politiken Copenhagen Denmark (PA)
“Worm Hole” (PA), Kolding Kommune Denmark
“Transmitter”, European Media Art Festival Osnabrück Germany “Shutters”, UBAG Bufalo New York USA
“Made in Berlin”, Berlin Art Fair Germany
“Lost in Tomorrow 2”, Galerie Asbæk Denmark

2003 “The Opening”, Galerie Asbæk Copenhagen Denmark (s)
“hell(o) (t)here”, Galerie Voges und Partner Frankfurt Germany (s) “Lost in Tomorrow”, Centro Cultural Andratx Spain
“Hotelit”, Utrecht, Holland
“Nostalgic Real”, Galerie Muller de Chiara Berlin Germany
“From Objective to Object”, Den Frie Copenhagen Denmark Video Festival, MAC Santiago Chile

2002 “The Map”, Galerie Für Gegenwartskunst Bremen Germany (s) “Socle du Monde”, Herning Kunstmuseum Denmark

2001 “Theft of the Scream”, Trapholt Denmark (s)
“Bubba the Lovesponge”, DCA Gallery New York (s)
“Users Club” (with Artnode), Statens Museum for Kunst Copenhagen Denmark “Eyegoblack”, Fortalesa Brazil
“Come on feel the noise”, Galerie Asbæk Denmark
“Take-of 20:01”, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum Denmark
“Ctrl-space”, ZKM Karlsruhe Germany

2000 “[N + S]”, Galerie Voges + Deisen Berlin Germany (s) Havana Biennial, Cuba

“Sublime”, hArtware Projekte Duende Rotterdam Holland
1st International Art Biennial Buenos Aires Argentina
“A good Cast is worth repeating”, Voges + Deisen Frankfurt am Main Germany “Eyegoblack”, Trapholt
Museo de Arte Contemporanea Santiago Chile
Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paolo Brazil
Grønningen, Charlottenborg Copenhagen Denmark

1999 “Closet”, Leo Koenig Inc. New York USA (s)
Galleri Specta Copenhagen Denmark (s)
“Through a Lens Darkly”, Rare Gallery New York USA (s)
“100 tegninger” (with Artnode), Statens Museum for Kunst Copenhagen Denmark (s) “Quiet”, Leo Koenig Inc. New York USA
From the Collection of Malmø Kunstmuseum, Wanås Sweden

1998 “Scanner”, Galleri Søren Houmann Copenhagen Denmark (s)
Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Bremen Germany (s)
“Hemmelige Historier”, Malmö Kunstmuseum Sweden (s)
“Secret Stories”, Galerie Voges + Deisen Frankfurt am Main Germany (s) “The Soft Machine”, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Holland

“Some Futures are Forbidden Little One”, Cato Jans Hamburg Germany “Revue”, Galerie Hilger Wien Austria
Efterårsudstillingen (with Artnode), Charlottenborg Copenhagen Denmark

1997 “The Art of Detection: Surveillance in Society”, MIT List Visual Arts Center Boston USA

1996 “No One’s Innocent”, Gentofte Kunstbibliotek Denmark (s)
“Science Fiction/ Social Fiction”, Galerie der Stadt Schwaz Palais Enzenberg Austria “Nemo”, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center Denmark
“Geben und Nehmen”, Schloß Plüschow Wismar Germany
“9th Dimensional Theory”, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center Denmark “Kunst-Chaos-Medien” Galerie der Stadt Sindelfngen Germany

1995 “I Never had Any Hair on My Body or Head”, Galerie Voges + Deisen Frankfurt Germany (s) “One Night Stand”, UKS Oslo Norway

“Flow of Reaction”, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin Germany “Telepolis”, Casino Luxembourg
Efterårsudstillingen, Charlottenborg Copenhagen Denmark “Re-evolution”, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki Finland “A New Europe. Supranational Art”, Venice Biennale Italy

1994 “Market Economy for Beginners”, Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand, Copenhagen Denmark (s) “Recovered Files”, Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen Denmark (s)

Statens Kunstfonds 3 årige arbejdslegat, Siemens Kulturförderung, ISCP New York Fulbright Foundation, Danmark-Amerika stipendie

Statens Museum for Kunst Denmark, Arken Denmark, Statens Kunstfond Denmark,
Malmø Konstmuseum Sweden, Trapholt Kunstmuseum Denmark, Horsens Kunstmuseum Denmark Novo Nordic, Sparekassen Østjylland, Nobel Foundation, Kirkbi (LEGO)

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