Artists statement
Niels Bonde b. 1961 Copenhagen Denmark
Lives and works in Copenhagen and Vienna.

“To briefly summarize, Niels Bonde’s work deals with social interactions, often as mediated by technology. He explores how technologies are being continually inserted into the course of daily life, change our relationships to one other, and how any technology placed in the public realm tends to be coopted for purposes other than for which it was intended. To this end, his work forms a commentary on the world in which we live; at the same time, the manner in which he approaches his subject is frequently enlivened by a humorous or vulnerable sensibility indicative of the persistent pathos of the human conditions despite the (continued) utopian promises of technology’s improvement and streamlining of life. Niels Bonde works in no single medium; his work is best “categorized” as installation/multimedia. The particular form of each installation is dictated by the conditions he wishes to investigate, and in this way, his oeuvre has a strong conceptual component.”
Jennifer Riddell, curatorial fellow. MIT List Visual Arts Center.

I am an early proponent of digital art in Denmark, exhibiting new media works – digital media installations and video. My works explore what electronic and in particular digital media means to our culture and shapes us. My art is about control, surveillance, voyeurism, exhibitionism and paranoia, and how these topics have become core elements in our society rather than kinky fringe phenomenas. The ideas amalgamate in theories on images as currency, describing how they have become increasingly dominant in post-internet and -smartphone communication and what this new role means, and how the screen has become a defining reference in our understanding of the world.

Through the 1990’s, I have been showing installations in museums and galleries counting Statens Museum for Kunst [DK], MIT List Visual Arts Center, ZKM Karlsruhe, Stedelijk Museum, PS1 MoMa New York, Pinacoteca do Estato de Sao Paolo, Heart [DK], ARoS [DK], Academy of Fine Arts Hanoi Vietnam, Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius Lithuania, Malmö Kunstmuseum and Deutsche Hygiene Museum Dresden.

I studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen and at Institut für Neue Medien at Städelschule Frankfurt.

Assistant professor at Malmö Art Academy Sweden from 1999 till 2005 and at Kunsthøjskolen in Holbæk Denmark from 2010 till 2016, and taught at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am currently a PhD fellow at Universität für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna.

I live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark.



2018 Niels Bonde Curriculum Vitae


2018 Á la Carte4-compressed

2018 Rugs-compressed

2017 Artnode 404 not found

2015 Tin Foil Helmet

2011 Cho’s trip to the post office

2010 Attention!.compressed

2007 Heidelberger Kunstverein

2006 Bad Days + Souvenir.compressed

2004 I Never Had Hair


2012. Die Leidenschaften. Ein Drama in fünf Akten. Deutsches Hygiene Museum. ISBN 978-3-8353-1078-0

2006. Hvedekorn. ISBN 87-21-02812-5

2002. CTRL (SPACE) Rhetorics of Surveillance from Bentham to Big Brother. MIT Press. ISBN 0-262-62165-7

1997. The Art of Detection: Surveillance in Society. MIT List Visual Arts Center. ISBN 0-938437-56-9


  1. Kristie Matthews says:

    Saw your very first mosaic today.
    It was beautiful and filled with Love ?
    Wish I would have taken a photo with you and your beautiful first piece.

  2. nielsbonde says:

    Thanks, thats very kind of you to say.
    Best Niels

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  4. Johanne Mackertich says:

    Hi Niels,
    Great Artwork!
    It has been many years since you visited us in Westfield.
    Please email below how we may contact you.
    Hilsen Fra Johanne

  5. Jon Appleton says:

    Years ago, when you were a student at Danish Conservatory of Art, you once painted my portrait in the balcony of Kastrup where I was changing planes. Five years ago it was stolen from my house in Vermont, USA. I am now 81 years old and I miss your work.

  6. Martin Bigum says:

    Kære Niels, håber du er vel i dit liv og ikke er ramlet ind i coronaen!
    Filminstruktør Torben Skjødt Jensen (Væbnet med ord og vinger om Michael Strunge, 2016) er ved at lave en tv-serie til DR2, bygget på min kunstbog fra Gyldendal, Min personlige kunsthistorie, som udkom i 2014 og nu er på vej i 8. oplag.
    Tv-serien vi laver er i 4 afsnit og er en kunst- og kulturhistorisk overflyvning af ting der har inspireret mig som kunstner gennem tiden, fra barndom til ungdom til voksendom. En vigtig ting at skildre er hvordan at kunsten eksploderede i nye cool former og ambitioner efter Berlinmurens Fald, som eksempelvis set på Charlotteborg Forårs- og Efterårsudstillinger 1990. Du var en af de udstillende og debuterende og jeg vil her høre om du har liggende dit værk med den “forskudte pave” fra dengang liggende som dias, endnu bedre i digital overførelse? De andre prægnante der ellers debuterede samme sted det år, vises også: Olafur Eliasson, Søren Martinsen, Malene Bach, Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen m.fl. I håb om at du vil være en del af det kunsthistoriske prisme og kan hjælpe os, glæder mig til at høre fra dig: Alle gode sommerhilsener fra Martin:-) 20148495

  7. Bluetoothfih says:

    and 12 thousand Georgian manuscripts

  8. hi Nils,
    was a plaesure to meet you yesterday at the book fair.
    small world. lets keep in touch. maybe I am in Helsingborg may22,
    and will sind you my new publication when it’s printed.
    See you

  9. Stine Ofelia Kildevang says:

    Hej Niels.
    En kort forespørgsel. Vil det være muligt at vise dit værk fra Cph lysfestival i Vejle havn ved Fjordenhus slut august i år?
    Send mig en mail så uddyber jeg gerne. Håber alt godt. Bedste hilsner Stine Ofelia (afgang fra Malmø Kunstakademi 2009)

  10. Anonymous says:

    hi niels,
    all bones still running?
    the people who were at Institut Neue Medien in Frankfurt want to assemble contributions for the memory of Peter Weibel. Do o you want to join?
    warmly christian,

  11. jane rowley says:

    Dearest Niels,

    I hope you have a wonderful vernissage today.
    Sadly can only be there in spirit.
    In a veritable tsunami of practical shit before I leave for India.
    House sold – yay🎉
    Got an andel on Vesterbro – yay 🎉
    Reasons to be cheerful – and I am!
    Time to get out of the sticks and back to the city.

    Please give my love to Lisa – and anyone else who’s lucky enought to be celebrating you today.

    Best from
    Jane 👣 & Pippi 🐾
    p.s. If I had any surplus mental energy I’d be afraid of A1. Right now I’m just 🫣

  12. Lin de Mol says:

    Hello Niels,

    I would like to send you an invite to participate in a groupshow coming fall in Sweden. Could you please send me an emailadress I could send it to?

    Many thanks,


  13. Tanja says:

    Hej Nils, det var länge sedan vi var i kontakt. Undrar lite vad ett verk ur serien Water Lilies kostar – för hemmabruk alltså, men kanske alla är sålda?
    Hoppas du mår fint!

    Allt gott,
    Tanja (Stockholms univerisitet)

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