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2nd February 2013

Paris, Adolf, Britney & Cho

7th March 2010

This work explores how the meaning and interpretation of images has changed considerably the last 20 years, caused by the radical change of two factors: production with ubiquitous cameras and distribution via internet, mms, twitter etc. And how the dramatic change of these two factors, has affected the hierachy of human expression and communication forms. The […]

Artnode publications

25th October 2008


That’s Entertainment

1st March 2004

That’s Entertainment


1st March 2002

Flowcharts and Diagrams

25th October 2001

In 1999 The Danish Arts Foundation, the public art commission (Statens Kunstfond, Udsmykningsudvalget) organized a curated commission to investigate internet art – Stedet 3. However the Danish Arts Foundation were very shortsighted, and closed the site in 2001, thinking that the internet was a fluke. Here is my contribution: http://www.artnode.org/art/bonde/flowcharts/index.html

Users Club

1st March 2001


18th October 2000

Web project from 2000 commissioned by the Danish Art Foundation, exhibited online and at a group show “Grønningen”. As a consequence of the fast development of file formats, parts of the programming in this project is now obsolete. http://nielsbonde.com/xextraweb/megafuck/main/metafuckpage.html

High Density 1

1st March 2000

High Density is the first of Artnodes investigations of interaction versus art in the digital media. This investigation concentrates on the function of the search engine and the conditions of navigating on the internet. The search engine is the catalyst in a game between the empty work and the work full of content. http://www.artnode.org/projects/hd/index.html

100 Drawings

1st March 1999



1st March 1995

Curated by Juha van Ingen and Mikko Maasalo KIASMA, The Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki.

Recovered Files

20th September 1994