Reality Percieved

By nielsbonde, 11th March 2016

Installation view: Reality Percieved (group show) Gallery Egelund, 2016.

Despite consciousness is possibly the most universal in human existence, a topic which has also been subjected to scrutiny in philosophy as well as in science since the dawn of time. There is still no general consensus regarding the nature of consciousness or its activities. There exists however, streams of complicated explanatory models which in fact contradict one another.

All this makes the topic suitable for the artist’s intuitive meditation; moreover in art there lies the
potential for gesticulative non-liner reflections concerning consciousness.
The uncertainty pertaining to consciousness could be due to the nonverbal and metaphysical nature of the subject matter, which makes the topic an obvious choice for research within the realm of art without drawing any direct conclusions.

Astrid Marie Christiansen, Astrid Myntekær, Christian Finne, Delphine Bechard, Ebbe Stub Wittrup, Emil Salto, Ferdinand Ahm Kragh, Jacob O. Henry, Jeppe Hein, Jes Brinch, Jonas Hvid Søndergaard, Julie Riis Andersen, Marianne Grønnow, Niels Bonde, Rikke Benborg, Silas Inoue, Svend Sømod, Thorgej Steen Hansen

REALITY PERCEIVED / 11.03.16-09.04.2016

Curated by Svend Sømod and Jonas Hvid Søndergaard