“Strange how paranoia can link up with reality now and then”

By nielsbonde, 26th September 2014

Quote from Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly. The tin foil helmet is the last defence of the paranoid schizophrenics, wrapping their heads in foil as protection against evil radiowaves and wireless control. Each helmet have been named after the NSA spy programmes each made for specific purposes, one to log your google search history, one to check your phone log and another knows your location: Boundless informant,Cultweave, Egotistical Giraffe, Evilolive, Moneyrocket, Messiah, Trafficthief. And I am not making the names up. This is why it today is a more and more common delusion to believe that you are the star in a reality show, a condition that has been given it’s own diagnosis: The Truman Show Delusion – named from the film. That this has become a common delusion, presents normality and the psychiatric institutions with at problem: when the patient claims that the phone is surveilling him, and that there are cameras everywhere, objectively, it is impossible to deny.

Tin Foil Helmets – Sculptures

NSA Spyware programmes, trojan horses and malware used in, as the NSA Director Keith B. Alexander (2005-2014) said: ”collect it all”.

“Boundless Informant” The big data analysis and data visualization tool, makes summaries of the NSA’s world wide data collection activities by counting metadata.

Tin Foil Helmet1

“Cult Weave”. One of NSA’s Signal Intelligence databases.

“Egotistical Giraffe”. A technology for uncovering the identities of those using an online system designed to keep users anonymous.

Tin Foil Helmet2

“Evilolive”. A metadata collection tool used for telecom and internet communications.

“Prism”. Data mining backdoor in Google, “the number one source of raw intelligence used for NSA analytic reports”, and it accounts for 91% of the NSA’s Internet traffic

Tin Foil Helmet3

“Fallout”. A DNI metadata processor that provides filtering for NSA’s PRISM program.

“Genie”. The program for planting spyware.

Tin Foil Helmet4

Money Rocket”, “Shiftingshadow” and “Yachtshop”. Cable intercepting programs targeting counter-terrorism in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

“Storm Brew”. NSA Internet and telephony network collection program.

Tin Foil Helmet5

“Trafficthief”. Part of the Turbulence program for detecting cyberspace threats and the Prism program for collecting internet data, especially social media providers.